Monday, July 29, 2019

Pompano Rig vs Carolina Rig, Weights, Bait, and Leader Lines

Both the Pompano Rig and Carolina Rig are efficient fish catchers. 

Pompano rig is either double or single drop with many sizes and styles. Drop loop links will very, is it closer to your leader line or the weight bottom? I prefer a longer drop from around 12-16 inches from the weight. My second drop is another 12-16 inches from my first. My second drop will always be higher in the water column. The reason I prefer the longer drop loop is that when the fish bites the hook, it takes longer for the fish to feel the resistance of the weight. For Florida East Coast Surf Fishing I prefer a 12 ft. rod. The reason I prefer a 12 ft. rod on Pompano Rig, is it brings my angle elevations higher.

The advantages of a Carolina Rig are the bait and line can move without resistance of the weight. The disadvantages include getting more catfish bites if you are not fishing for that species. If you are, it is an advantage.

Weight, Leader Line, and Hook Choices

I prefer pyramid weights over sputniks. Pyramid weights from 2-4 ounces are a good casting weight for all species. The lighter the weight, the less resistance the fish will feel. Heavy currents need more weight.

Leader line of choice 20lb fluorocarbon with 1-2/0 circle hooks for Pompano Rigs.
Carolina Rigs a 2-6/0 circle hook depending on what species I am fishing for. Sharks: 50lb leader line, large cut bait, 4-6/0 circle hook; Redfish: 20lb leader line, shrimp, mullet, or crab cut or live bait, 2-4/0 circle hook; Snook: 20lb minimum fluorocarbon, live bait mullet, whiting, croaker, 2-4/0 circle hook.

I like my Carolina and Pompano Rig leader line to a be a minimum of 3ft with 20lb fluorocarbon.

No boats, just Florida East Coast Surf Fishing.

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