Thursday, August 1, 2019

Safety Surf Fishing Florida's East Coast

When I go surf fishing, I like a place to get out of the sun for a minute or two. A small beach umbrella is useful for this but they tend to fly off if not properly secured. I secure my beach umbrella with something called a beach screw. Mine is Anchor Away. It attaches right to the beach umbrella.

Using buckets of sand helps hold canopy tents still. When the family includes little guys, a canopy style tent allows for more play space while keeping the sun at bay. I will be doing a new video this weekend for tips to set up a safe canopy style tent on the beach. I will link it here after the upload.

I have found that as soon as beachgoers see lightning, storms incoming, or hear thunder, they are potential lightning strike targets. Be sure to check behind you periodically for incoming storms. They tend to creep up on you. Don't wait for the rain to begin before you head to the car, a beach umbrella is not a safety shelter from lightning and storms. They only work as a sun shade.

Waterspouts are basically tornados over the water. I have seen many waterspouts but have not seen one come back off the water onto the beach. According to NOAA, if a waterspout reenters the beach, a tornado warning occurs.

Watch your step as you soak your feet where the surf meets the sand. Jellyfish, hooks, idiots who bring glass containers to the beach, skates (rays), holes previously dug by sand creators all can be problematic for the unaware while surf fishing Florida's east coast.

Never swim alone, alcohol and the sun do not mix well, dehydration is a thing, wear sunscreen, and if you brought it, take it back with you.

Florida East Coast Surf Fishing

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